Sunday 9 September 2012

PeopleSoft Test Framework

Application testing is one of the critical and challenging tasks in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) projects. Application testing is more focused on functional/business specification, user interface, security and performance. Among all of them, functional testing is the most demanding job as it requires participation from various stakeholders like developers, testers and business users. Usually business users have only limited time to dedicate for the functional testing activities as their business-as-usual tasks are on priority.

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) is a testing tool delivered with PeopleTools 8.51 and above. PTF automates various tasks within PeopleSoft application, primarily functional testing. Automated functional testing helps the business users in executing more test cases with greater accuracy in a short period.

PTF works by replicating the actions of a single user executing functional tests against the PeopleSoft browser-based application. Users can record manual test procedures and save them within the framework. Later, for instance after an application upgrade or patch, the tests can be executed against the application to verify whether the application still behaves as expected.

Below are 2 videos from Oracle on PTF Introduction and walk through with examples:

PeopleSoft Test Framework Part 1

PeopleSoft Test Framework Part 2

PTF can be used effectively in the following scenarios:
  • New Implementation Projects/Upgrades. Especially in the upgrade projects where test cycles are conducted over and over again.
  • Limited functional resources for testing.
  • Highly customized application.
  • Significant ongoing development projects
  • Routinely deploying patches and fixes
  • Can be used for different kind of tests like – System, Integration, Upgrade, UAT on different environments since it can be easily migrated