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Fusion HCM Data Loader-Seamless On-Premise to Cloud Transition

Fusion HCM Data Loader – Seamless On-Premise to Cloud Transition

HCM Data Loader (HDL) is a powerful and High Powered tool for mass-loading of data from any ERP source to Oracle Fusion HCM. We can Operate HDL as a main tool for building integration scenarios between On-Premise Third-Party Systems and Oracle HCM Cloud. So the On-Premise to Cloud Transition become much more Trouble free than ever.

What’s Hot in HDL?
Several reasons why customers would prefer choosing the Oracle Fusion HDL Tool over the other Data Loaders. 
  1. Automate the Data Load – HDL can be initiated using a web service call, which enables you to automate the data upload.
  2. Universal Data Loader - It will help us to upload Bulk load of data from any ERP source to Oracle Fusion HCM.
  3. Service Presence - HDL available in cloud, on-premises, and on-demand environments
  4. Companionable UI - Provides a comprehensive user interface for initiating data upload, monitoring progress, and reviewing errors, with real-time information provided for both the import and load stages of its processing.
  5. Consume Less Duration - Supports multithreaded processing, which enables you to upload complete system extracts without severe performance impacts. HCM Data Loader manages references among objects that are processed on separate threads.
  6.  Smart and Function Rich – For example, You can Filter and upload
    •     Current and historical records for date-effective objects. You determine the amount of history to load.
    •     End-dated, terminated, or inactive records.
    •     Hierarchical tree data, such as Organization and Department Trees.
    • Attachments and pictures.
  • 71.   Business Objects Oriented Migration - Supports important business objects belonging to key Oracle Fusion HCM products like Entity, Location, Business Unit, Job Family, Job, Department, Position, Person, Work Relationship and Profile
This figure summarizes the process of loading data using HCM Data Loader.

How HDL Works?

1. You place a zip file containing your data on the WebCenter Content server.
2. You submit a request to HCM Data Loader to import and load the zip file of data. For this step, you can use either the HCM Data Loader interface or the HCM Common Data Loader web service.
3. HCM Data Loader decompresses the zip file and imports individual data lines to its stage tables, grouping those distinct file lines into Oracle Fusion HCM business objects.
4. It calls the relevant logical object interface method (delivered in product services) to load objects to the Oracle Fusion application tables.
5. Any errors that occur during the import or load phase are reported in the HCM Data Loader interface.
6. Having reviewed import and load errors in the HCM Data Loader interface or via the Data Set Summary extract, you correct them in your source data. You load a new zip file containing the corrected data to the WebCenter Content server.

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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cloud Talent Management Solution - Oracle Taleo Business Edition (TBE)

Oracle Taleo Business Edition(TBE) Recruiting Cloud service will enable you to simplify sourcing and recruiting to increase the quality of organizations new hires and significantly reduce the talent attraction costs.
Oracle's TBE is a cloud SAAS (Software As A Service) application. Hence there is no need of complex software installations & product maintenance. Once the TBE access is provided to the organization the SOLUTION will be up and running in days and not weeks. Kovaion being the Oracle Cloud Reseller & Services partner is aiming to complete the standard TBE implementation in 2.5 weeks (Current implementation cycle is 4 weeks with Kovaion's rapid implementation methodology).
The advantages that comes with Cloud solution
  •  Low Cost (Implementation / Subscription)
  • Less Maintenance
  • Easy to configure and use the system

Various reasons why customers would prefer choosing the Oracle TBE recruiting cloud service product.
  1.  Designed for the non technical user – this means the organization or the company doesn’t have to  depend on the IT staff  to deploy or support the TBE solution
  2. Business processes, candidate workflow, requisition candidate workflow, forms and page layouts are all very much configurable to suit your business needs and can be customized and modified as the company grows in size. Even if the requirements keep changing at a later stage all of the above can be configure and customized.
  3. TBE recruiting Cloud Service supports interaction and communication with agencies, vendors and contacts that normally help the company with the recruiting efforts
  4. Integration with Outlook enables the customers to leverage tools you use on a daily basis while importing the candidate data and tracking all of their activities in a central location.
  5. Oracle TBE Recruiting Cloud Service products deliver clear business benefits to rapidly growing, midsize companies
  6. End users can easily adapt and master the products and count on the immediate productivity gains achieved by using the TBE recruiting product.
  7. You get built in compliance reporting which meets the regulatory requirements, more over any number of new customized reports can be created for recruitment using the TBE recruiting cloud services.

Access and Analyze Recruiting Data

Oracle TBE Recruiting Cloud Service products include a set of standard reports, custom metrics, and dashboards. You can use these reports to measure objectives, efficiency, and effectiveness without report writing or authoring expertise. You can schedule reports to run at your convenience so you are never stuck waiting for information. Security features allow you to control access to information by role and reporting structure so that confidential information is protected. With at-a-glance data summaries available via embedded executive dashboards, you can easily analyze your recruiting data to make better-informed decisions.

Oracle TBE Recruiting Cloud Service products provide all the functionality you need to develop an efficient recruiting process.
Online career sites. Get a fully branded career Website that matches your corporate site. Create multiple branded career sites to accommodate your different business needs.
Requisition management. Track and manage each of your job openings and keep teams in the loop with clearly defined ownership. Keep all users focused on their unique responsibilities with role based access and personalized views of tasks and due dates.
Smart sourcing. Post opportunities to your own career sites or expand your search to social networks and hundreds of free and paid job boards. Get the most out of your job board spend by automating the posting process and sourcing the most-qualified candidates faster.
Social networks and media. Use LinkedIn, Face book, and RSS feeds to expand your sourcing strategies and build relationships with potential candidates. Tapping into social networks helps you get quality referrals from people you know.
Candidate management. Instantly view your entire candidate database, import contacts from Microsoft Outlook and Excel, and flag candidates. Use universal profiles in the Oracle Taleo talent exchange, e-mail templates, and videos to build relationships with candidates.
Workflow customization. Configure specific candidate recruitment workflows for different positions. Create as many workflows as you need for your organization and assign them by open position.
• Automated prescreening and ranking. Conduct background checks; prescreen applicants, and score and rank candidates based on answers to questions. Use knockout questions to ensure that the most-qualified candidates rise to the top of your candidate pool.
• Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer integration.  Import candidates directly from your Outlook e-mail into an Oracle TBE Recruiting Cloud Service product, where candidate profiles are automatically parsed and organized. You can also quickly import candidates from Internet Explorer via its source bar when sourcing online. There’s no need to toggle between windows or cut and paste.
Web API integration. Use a Web API to easily integrate Oracle TBE Recruiting Cloud Service products with other applications or to create entirely new solutions.

Harish Kumar
Kovaion-Cloud Practice