Monday, 5 January 2015

SQL Update on PSURLDEFN, Application Server and GetURL(URL.XXXX) - All connected

Today, we had an interesting issue at one of our customer site.

When a PeopleSoft environment is refreshed (production / post upgrade refresh), Environment Management team (DBAs) will mask sensitive data using scripts or tools. PSURLDEFN is one of the key table to be masked.

We recently had a environment refresh (Post Upgrade). One issue was reported where the connectivity to the third party system was lost after the refresh (upgrade). On analysis, the PSURLDEFN was blanked out during the refresh process and not reverted with actual values. So, the DBAs repopulated the data using SQL scripts. Post URL data population also, the same connectivity issue was encountered.

On further Analysis, GetURL(URL.XXXX) was used in PeopleCode to get the third party system URL. GetURL() function fetches the information from the App Server Cached details. This was designed for a quicker response on the Application Server. The issue was finally resolved by DBAs clearing the cache and Application Servers bounced.

So, if there are any SQL update on the PSURLDEFN table, its good practice to clear the Application Server Cache.


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