Tuesday 13 October 2015

Integrated Recruiting Reports in Taleo - Analytics Made Easy

Integrated Recruiting Reports in Taleo will help you to accumulate the needed Recruiting Information within the blink of an eye.  Configuring this Feature will give Potential to your Organization to Predict the Risks early and to take Effective Decision. As everything is Going Paper Free now, having this Feature can be a Tide Changing moment for your Organization.

Business Interests:
  1. Take Action From Reports – Navigating is Much Simpler.For Example, We can take action on the Particular Job Opening in Job Opening Status reports by drilling on the Job opening that we want to Modify.
  2. On Report Analysis – Make Better Decision You can Perform on Report Analysis by Comparing with current/History Reports. This Attribute will help you on making Batter Decision with the Precise Statistics.
  3. Evaluate the Organization’s Growth – By Comparing the Current Report with the History Reports.Access controls can be applied to standard and custom reports by role or by user. You can access Reports History for 90 days.
  4. Perform Impact Analysis -  Will help you to predict the RisksThe scope of analysis Feature will enable the Reports to pull the Additional Info Related to the Data in the Reports. This will allow you to access more detail at any time to help you on finding the Risks and to take necessary Mitigating Steps.

What’s Hot in Taleo Reports? 
  1. Universal Reports – Export all the Reports to Your Desired Format.Thanks to Web Intelligence in Taleo Reports. It will enable you to export the Reports in the Following Formats.

§  Excel
§  PDF
§  Text
§  CSV
              2.     Enhanced Security - Control the Viewing Access for Manger/Employee.You can Control the              Security for All the Reports by Tuning the Roles for the Employee/Manager.
  3.    Filtering the Data – Will help you to see the needed results in the Report.You can setup Multiple Filter Prompts needed to filter a report.
                                                                                                                                                                     How to Configure a Report in Taleo BE?
  1. Select the Reports menu and then select Create Report.
  2. Click the tab corresponding to the Needed Taleo product at the top of the page.
  3.  Select a topic that best fits your reporting requirements by selecting the tab pertaining to the report you are creating. Click Next.
  4.  Select the Fields and Parameters in the page.
  5.     Provide the Report Name and Description.
  6.   Choose a layout option for a custom report.
  7. Select the display fields, as well as any parameters that users will be prompted to choose from when they run the report.
  8. Click Next. Now the Report Designer page is Launched.
  9. Drag the fields from data source and design the report as per the requirement and Click on run report after setting the parameters.

Thanks for reading Our Article about Configuring Recruiting Reports in Taleo Business Edition. If you want further details you can drop an email at anytime to the below Email ID.                 

Author: S.Kumari Sangeetha
Kovaion-Cloud Practice


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