Monday, 30 November 2015

Onboarding in Taleo Business Enterprise-Hiring New Employees

Onboard/Off board in Taleo
Onboarding is a process by which a new employees are welcomed onboard of the organization. As part of the joining formalities the newly hired employees has to complete a few activities that the company wants from them. This is where the Taleo Onboarding modules will come into place. It is most important to ensure your new employee feels welcome and valued.

Benefits of Onboarding
  •  Order Smartphone’s
  • Equipment Requisition.
  •  System access.
  • Assign Phone Number.
  • Tax Forms.
  •  Emergency Contact.
  •  Assign Email Address.
  •  ESign Forms.
  • Benefits Package

      Taleo Business Edition Onboarding key features
  •    With Taleo Business Edition Onboard, you can automate a process that is historically paper-intensive.
  •    Taleo helps people become product fast. It lets the candidate know that the organization has invested in them.
  •     All the bulk paper work has been reduced In Taleo Onboarding module.  
  •     This way the form filling becomes easy. The hired employee need not waste time by filling the needed onboarding formalities on the day of joining. He can fill everything online.
  •     More over the data also gets pre populated in the online forms.
  •    Taleo also provided the option of printing the forms if needed.
  •    All we have to do is tie up the appropriate forms to the employs the employee will be informed by system trigged emails.

       Business Benefits:
  •       It is easy to integrate Taleo with the existing system.
  •     The secured authentication provides auditable records of when the form was filled and signed by the employees
  •    The management can keep a track of the employee activity online by monitoring the progress bar of each employee activity.
  •     Most important of all is Taleo helps newly hired candidates to become product fast.  It lets the candidate know that the organization has invested in them.

       Quick Start Steps

    1.Choose the PDF form that needs to be filled by the Employees/New hired candidates.
   2. Open it in latest version of adobe reader and choose the Prepare Form.

   3.It will automatically create the required test and date fields. As below

   4.We also have the option of adding the text fields into the form if needed. Once finalized save              the  PDF form.
   5. Login into the Taleo system as administrator and choose customize onboard/Off board.
   6. In the customize forms group box choose configurable Forms.
   7. In the Employee PDF Forms section of the configurable Forms page click on Upload PDF Forms link and choose the form that we have created earlier and upload it into the system by giving it an appropriate Name for the form.
   8.Once uploaded the form gets listed in the Employee PDF Forms section. Choose Edit option from the drop down to the right of the form that was uploaded
   9. It will take you to edit configurable Forms page where we have to click on the fields and choose Merge field radio button and then choose the appropriate fields from the system which  will pre populate the data at the time when the form is sent to the employees.

      10. After configuring the fields save the form. And go to customize On boarding/off boarding page to choose On boarding Activity Templates from the Customize Onboard/Off board group box.
     11.It will take you to Activity Administration: On boarding page where we have to create a new activity. Click on the New Activity Template.
   12. It will take you to Add On boarding Activity in which we are required to give a proper name for the   new activity template and choose one of the three options in the Details group box based on the requirement. This for which the form is to be used for.
                                                    § Employee  
                                                                     § User 
                                                                     § Contact  

   13. For this example we have to chosen Employee option and click on next.

   14. In the Add Activity: Employee form page we have to choose the respective form in the list by clicking on the select form link in the Activity Details page. And also give the proper Employee facing title and it description in it. 

   15.We also have the option of giving the Due date for the form by default we will have the Select            Due Date when Activity is assigned option. This allows us to choose the due date at the time            of form assigning. Now click on save.

    16.  Now Click on the Onboard/Offboard tab. It will take you to the Onboard Home page.

      17. Click on the New Packet button to create new activity for the candidates. Give the proper title and choose the employees from the list. And also choose the status to be active and assign the owner of     the packet for tracking purpose by default the user who creates the packet will be the owner. Click    next.

    18. It will take you to Assign On boarding Activities page Click on the add activity button and choose the on  boarding forms that we have created earlier. Once we choose the related activity from the list the page will display the form details along with the due date for the form to be completed by the employee. Click on  save.

      19.  Once we click on save the system will trigger a welcome mail to all the employees from the list.The email will have a link for setting up a password and the login Employee Id. Once the employee sets up the password he\she will be redirected to employee login page where they have to login to fill up the onboarding formalities.

    20. Once the employee loges in with their user id and password. They will be displayed with the list of activities. In this case we have On boarding activity. In the Active Activities the employee is listed with the NDA form. The employee has to click with View/Sign button.

   21. It will take you to the Form page where the employee can view/ verify and correct the pre populated data. Once the verification is done the employee can click on the eSign and submit form button on the top of the page.
   22.The system will ask for the acknowledgment where the employee has to give his user name and                        password once again and click on eSign button. This will be audited in the system.

    23. Now login as a User and click on the Onboard/Offboard tab. In the Onboard home page the system will   display all the activity that was created and owned by the user.

     24. The user can keep track of the activity by clicking on the view button on the right of the packet.

      Venkatesh Ramasamy
      Kovaion Cloud Practice.


  1. Hi Venkatesh ,

    Very nice webinar !

    Is it mandatory that we need to use the Adobe PDF features("Prepare form") to create new form to uplooad into Taleo . Wont we be able to create custom forms in Taleo , for which no PDF version exits. Please clarify. Most of the clients, may not be willing to spend additional budget on buying the premium features in Adobe reader .

    Thanks much for all the good things you are posting here ....

    1. Hi Chandru
      Taleo accepts only PDF files to be uploaded into the system so that the Text fields that was created in the form can be mapped with the existing Taleo Field and it’s not mandatory that we need to use Adobe. There are a lot of free on-line PDF editing tools available in the market which can be used to create the fields but the advantage of using Adobe’s features is its less time consuming process compared to the free tools. More over the price is also not so high for the Adobe features when compared to the time take by a resource to create the forms using the free tools.

  2. Hi Venkatesh ,

    We have to send a source code for a new online job posting company (like Dice,Monster) . So that they send us that back when candidate clicks on their website and re routes to Taleo . That way , we know that candidate is sourced from that job website. For that to happen , do you put some source code in Sourcing/Requisition tab ?

    Appreciate your reply .

    Thanks much ..

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