Monday, 18 September 2017

PeopleSoft- Fluid Dashboards

Dashboards can be accessed through content reference link and are primarily used for decision making. Dashboards give higher management decision support with high level views of team activities, key metrics and real time analysis.

Fluid Dashboards are counterpart to Classic Dashboard and has the ability to extend them to FLUID tiles allowing access to key information from mobile devices and are introduced with PT8.55.
They are highly role based and provide the summary of visual information and performance. They are easy to configure and appear anywhere in menu structure. Users can personalize dashboards according to their needs and will have the information at their fingertips.

Business Benefits:
  • Fluid dashboards are simple and intuitive to use.
  •  Provide an easy way for the user to access key information and gives seamless user experience across multiple platforms.
  •  They can be optimized across multiple form factors. 
  • Provides end user personalization where users can personalize based on their day to day activities.

Similarities with Classis Dashboard:
  • Both the fluid and classic dashboards offers similar functionality e.g., both can be configurable and provides the summary of visual information and are role based.
  •   Definitions are stored in the portal registry accessed through the Structure and Content component

Differences with Classis Dashboard:
Pagelets are used to modify the objects in Classic dashboard whereas Tiles are used in Fluid dashboard.

Steps in Developing Fluid Dashboard:

Step 1: Dashboards are managed under Manage Dashboard Pages component and please find the navigation below.

Navigation: MainMenu > PeopleTools > Portal > Dashboard > Manage Dashboard Pages

Step 2: Provide the required details as shown below and save the page.

Step 3: New dashboard has been created in Fluid Dashboards section. Access the tiles property and select the necessary tiles to publish the content on the dashboard.

Note: By default, tile property is set to optional which makes the tile hidden from the user. In order to make the tile visible change the property to required and save the page as shown below.

Step 4: Access the dashboard from the parent folder where it was created. Below is the screenshot of newly created dashboard.

Step 5: To access the dashboard from homepage directly, click on actions list button and select add to homepage and select the homepage from which the dashboard needs to be accessed as shown below.

  • Unlike classic dashboards, due to some performance reasons, certain types of tiles are restricted for use on FLUID Dashboards only, and cannot be displayed on FLUID Homepages.

      Author: Lakshmi Deepak P
      Kovaion Consulting -PeopleSoft Practice


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