Friday, 18 July 2014

Peoplesoft Upgrade Strategy

Oracle-PeopleSoft 9.2 has includes new feature like,

1. Enhancements in Oracle's People tools ver 8.51
2. Ease of use of Reporting and Analytics
3. Greater flexibility and Adaptability
4. Access to industry's best practices
5. Excellent from the Risk and Compliance perspective
6. Low cost of future upgrades
7. Good Functional Enhancements
8. Increased RoI
9. A platform being set for Fusion

It has created significant business drivers for those organizations that are currently in the older version (both application and People tools) and are either supported or de-supported by Oracle.

The PeopleSoft product roadmap is

Let me give a perspective of going for PeopleSoft upgrade services offer from Kovaion consulting:

Kovaion offers the following:

1. Application upgrade
In this we provide a clear road map to improve the system from the existing set up and excel there on. At a very macro level, we would like to mention that we will do a discovery and consolidation of the application

2. Technology Upgrade
In this we provide
a. Tools only upgrade
b. Any re platform of O/S or DB
c. Re-host and moves only upgrade

Road map / Approach for the Application Upgrade includes,

A. Improvement of the current application
  • The Upgrade is driven by technology/product support
  • All customizations are relevant to the current business need 
  • New features are not a requirement at this point of time for the business
Key facts of the Upgrade
  • Lesser duration to upgrade
  • Minimal involvement from business/SME 
  • A high level assessment 
  • Objective of the upgrade is very clear

Business Benefits
  • Completion of upgrade in a shorter duration
  • Minimal training effort 
  • 95% of the customizations are available after the application is being upgraded 

B. Outclassing the existing application
The second approach will suit only if

  • The business is driving the requirements
  • Full utilization of the latest features and functionalities offered so that customizations can eliminated or minimized to abysmally low levels
Key Facts of the Upgrade
  • Duration is longer, similar to a new implementation.
  • Commitment and greater involvement from the Management, Project sponsor, Business and SMEs.
  • There will be a detailed study undertaken for the upgrade.

Business Benefits
  • Lower future upgrade and Maintenance cost since the client will be using the delivered features and functionalities of the product.
  • Better ROI.
  • Leveraging industry best practices.

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