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PeopleSoft Workcenters

What is PeopleSoft Workcenter?

PeopleSoft Workcenter page allows user to access all the related component, pages, query results, etc. from one central location. It divides the browser window into two frames, (i) an adjustable pagelet area and (ii) a target content area, which interact with each other by passing contextual information using an event driven model. 

Business benefits:
  • Users can easily access all the desired pages and components from one location.
  • Productivity can be increased by minimizing the time that a user spends by navigating through links.
  • Personalized view of workload.
  • Seamless multitasking and improved efficiency.
  • Secured feature as it uses PeopleSoft delivered security..
  • Easy to configure and maintain.

Sample Business Purpose/Example:
  • Navigations and report for a particular role/user can be put together at one central location.
  • Query-based pagelets, which are configured to display retrieved values as active links, are ideal for use with Workcenter pages; e.g. a drill down PS Query, which filters applicant based on a given criteria, can display the applicant’s detail in target window – by selecting the applicant from PS Query result.
A workcenter created for recruiting team.

Development process of PeopleSoft Workcenters

Developing a workcenter is simple with 4 steps,
  1. Create a new pagelet based on requirements.
  2. Create a Workcenter and designate it’s starting page.
  3. Create pagelet groups and assign pagelet to groups.
  4. Launch a Workcenter for test.

Step 01 : Create and publish new pagelet based on requirements.
Both homepage pagelet and template based pagelet can be consumed by PeopleSoft Workcenters.

A) Navigation collection based pagelet
Navigation: Main menu àPeopletools à Portal à Pagelet Wizard

B) PS Query Based Pagelet
Navigation: Main menu à PeopletoolsàPortalàPagelet Wizard

Create the PS Query and assign it to the Pagelet. This query fetched the Job Opening IDs of the current recruiter logged in .On the 5th step of publishing the pagelet, user needs to create the link as can be seen below.

An example of pagelet with PS Query data type

Click on the link iconto configure Pagelet links as shown below

C) Component Based Pagelet
A component used for component based pagelet should have a dummy record as search record, should not have any save functionality and should consist of only one page.While registering the content reference, provide the template name as shown below

Step 2) Create the Workcenter and designate the starting page.

Create the Workcenter through Manage Workcenter Pages
Navigation: Main Menu à Peopletools à Portal à Workcenter à Manage Workcenter pages

  • Click on Create new Workcenter page (as shown in above figure) and select the starting page. User can select the Workcenter starting page as either a Link to existing menu item or Existing menu item or Workcenter Dashboard.
  • Select the starting page of Workcenter as shown below.

Step 3) Provide the Pagelayout option and pagelet groups to configure the Workcenter.

Provide the pagelet Group ID and Group Label and select the pagelet name. One can have more than one pagelet in a pagelet group. Having two pagelet groups created two tabs in Workcenter area. Launch the Workcenter.

This demo workcenter has all the frequently accessed recruitment links with applicant list as the landing page. Dashboard functionality can also be added by using Workcenter Dashboards.

User personalization capabilities:
Users can personalize their workcenters according to their requirements. They can sequence the pagelets; minimize the pagelets according to the requirements.

Limitations of Workcenter:
Few limitations on the current version (8.53 PUM 6) of Workcenters are, 
  • Workcenter starting page cannot be a search page.
  • Workcenter cannot be consumed as WSRP content.                                               

We hope this blog gives a good overview of PeopleSoft workcenter.

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