Saturday, 19 July 2014

PeopleTools 8.54: PeopleSoft Fluid UI

Last week the PeopleSoft Technology Blog announced the general availability of PeopleTools 8.54. We are really excited to dig into the new features, particularly the new PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface. This new interface gives flexibility to a developer to dynamically control the PeopleSoft applications page display based on the user’s device type.

PeopleSoft application fluid pages scale from large screen devices such as laptops and desktops down to the reduced viewing space of tablets and smart phones. For a larger screen size, the application content gets adjusted accordingly to fill the viewing space. Likewise, for a smaller screen size, non-essential information can be removed and content is presented in a very usable fashion fitting the small screen space.

PeopleSoft Fluid pages can be built in large part the same as a traditional PeopleSoft page is created in  the application designer.

However, designing the page and configuring the component is somewhat different from the traditional PeopleSoft page development. PeopleSoft fluid pages emphasis more on CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. CSS is highly used in controlling the appearance and layout of a fluid page. Hence, application implementation team may need expertise in these areas to develop/customize a PeopleSoft Fluid page.

We will post soon with our hands on experience on this.  

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